Experience  J. Kathy Fehlbaum has been doing business as UltraViolet Group since 1991 -- but that wasn't the beginning. Commercial experience dates to 1970's, when her calligraphy and pen-and-ink illustrations were sought for their unique beauty.  A visual communications degree, coupled with an internship at a commercial print facility, readied the designer to open her doors to the public. Kathy enjoys working with a variety of clients, from small business owners just starting out, to giants like AT&T, Microsoft, and Marriott Hotels.


Getting the job done  For direct mail pieces by the thousands, a half dozen pieces of wearable art, or any advertising project in between, UV Group designer J. Kathy Fehlbaum knows how to prepare digital files that are print-ready. As your designer, Kathy acts as liaison to the industry, returning your product on time and ready to distribute. If distribution itself is a challenge, even that can be handled seamlessly. Can it be printed? If the answer is yes, then Kathy will take pleasure in working with you to design it and see it through. From start to finish, UV Group gets the job done.


Compatibility  When it comes to technical expertise, working across platforms is a breeze. Mac and PC formatted files for print or web are produced on a routine basis. Kathy speaks the language of the print manufacturer, and prepares your files according to specified formatting requirements. Fifteen years of troubleshooting experience enables the designer to anticipate questions in order to avoid common pitfalls in production. Whether you're after a simple, single-use graphic or a series of printed materials, Kathy looks forward to preparing your files for compatibility among industry professionals such as commercial printers, web hosting services, promotional manufacturers, display makers, screen printers and mailing services -- or even returning files to you for use in-house.


Pricing  Complimentary estimates are based on a rate of $84 / hour. Please refer to the contact page or phone UV Group directly to arrange a time to discuss your goals.




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